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My old MK1 Flat Front RS2000


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This is my old MK1 1 RS2000 which was in a right state just sat on the drive of a person years ago so i got it and had it done up,think it was around £500.

Not a lot of pictures and these are blurred but i loved this car and had to do a lot of work to get it just road worthy like all new floor pans,roll cage electrics for the cibi spots and a few re-chrome on the bumpers and stuff,i did one bad thing is had it all done in Rosso red which was mint in condition but not original as it was orange with the decals on the sides and bonnet but money was very tight 20 years ago,this was my pride and was all checked up and joined with the Ford RS club which it was listed.




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I also had to get the real RS wheels for it which was on the MK1 which was hard to get and had the driver recaro seat done,the engine and box

was the original one as i checked it all out and the close ration box was amazing and i mean close ratio.


Above is what it should of been like if i had the cash to do the paint work and decals but they was stupid money back then.

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I wish i would of done this up then,every time i look at it i love it,not all the electric windows and stuff,even had a mobile phone in it (c.b.Radio).


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