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Intermittent Faults


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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the forum but need some help please?

I purchased a 2010 S Max Titanium 4 months ago and I have had lots of intermittent problems with it.  Now the problem is that they are intermittent so clear themselves, It has been back to the garage 5 times and I have an auto electrician coming out tomorrow to see if he can find anything.  So far the independent garage where I purchased it from has been very good and books it in to be looked at each time I have a problem however I am now getting frustrated that they are clearing faults and fobbing me off with 'see how you go'

The list of problems are:-

Radio not working - get a clicking noise from the speaker but no sound

Electric windows on drivers side both front and rear window not working

Driving along in the dark and all the lights went out on the car - but within seconds came back on.

Airbag light comes on.

stop lamp fault message on dash board - but lights were fine.

Then had permanent stop light fault and the issue was when the lights were on I had no brake lights, when the lights were off the brake lights worked but when pressing the brake pedal the front fog lights also came on - this was looked at and a bulb holder was replaced and the lights now seem fine.

The intermittent faults were in the diagnostics there was 24 faults recorded and all were to do with communication - they said it was the BCM but since then this has been checked and the BCM is apparently working fine.

The problems started as the weather got really cold and if we have a milder day then the air bag warning light goes off.  But if it stays cold then the light is on every time I start the car.

The car starts fine, they have disconnected the battery and reset things, cleared the faults and it appeared fine for a few weeks apart from the air bag light, but yesterday I had the problem with the radio not working again - it is fine again now as the fault has cleared but there is obviously something going on.

Anyone had anything similar that they might be able to tell me about - I love the car but I just want the faults to be fixed so I can enjoy it and not dread starting it up each day.


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