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Urgent Help Fiesta MK6

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Hi there, 

My first post on here and its due to my wee fiesta. 

For the last few weeks in the cold weather the fan belt has made an awful screeching noise from first turning over to being up to temperature. I thought nothing of it and planned to get it fixed when I get it serviced. The other night it was good awful hence I decided to get it in to a little garage who diagnosed it as just a simple change of the belts. Happy days and I was on my way to the tune of £70. However the next morning the sound was even stronger. It definitely wasn't fixed. Hence I parked the car up at home. Decided not to take the car away with me to work. However today while heading out. The car just will not start. The little 'trustworthy' garage I used is closed. 

The engine will turn however it will not fire. After a few attempts I stopped as I smelt a little electrical burning smell I assume from the battery. However don't hold me to that. 

Anyone got some suggestions of what it could be? Could the issues just be completely separate? Any help is appreciated. 

- R 

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