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First Car Conumdrum

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So, I bought my first car for £100 of my ex girlfriend. No licence. No means of getting it on the road any time soon. It's sat on my mum's front garden and I'm sat in it as we speak. It's just being used as a smoking shelter at the moment.


The problem I am having is that I told my mum I'd sell it. webuyanycar.com offered me £110 to come take it away. The problem is I haven't got the heart to sell it.

I'm in and out of temporary work a lot so money is an issue and my mum is expecting me to pay my way, but after I sell my car for £110 and give her most of it, that only covers a weeks board and I'm left with no car and a broken heart lol. 

I often sit in the car and smoke, turn the engine on, mess about with all the buttons, and generally feel good sitting in a vehicle I know I own. You must all remember the buzz you got when you got your first car? Even just pulling out the keys and unlocking the driver's side knowing "yeah, that's mine".


I guess I'm just being stupid but I just need a bunch of advice from some strangers on what I should do. I cos sell it for a quick ton but that doesn't go far and I'm still skint. I could strip it for parts :( and try to get a bit more money for it but I hardly know what I'm doing. Or I could keep it cos my passion is my car and to drive it on the roads and know I've got a car to sell that my mum is expecting me to do and upset her. I know it will break my heart to let it go, or to see it be scrapped. It's my first car. That's sentimental. 


What would you do in my shoes?

Btw, it's nothing special. It's a 1.4 mk4 fiesta with a ***** wheel bearing on the rear. But it's my little pride and joy that I had so many plans for. It's more than just a car. 


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The MK4 Fiesta is a dying breed these days, and the 1.4 engine was never a very popular option as opposed to the 1.25 and 1.3, but was probably the best.  If the car isn't rotten underneath and could go through an MOT without breaking the bank, then I'd make it my aim to get a secure job so you have enough money to pay your way plus get driving lessons, as without that you'll never drive ANY car. 

My first car was going to be my mother's MK4 Fiesta 1.25 (as seen in my avatar), but unfortunately corrosion made it uneconomical to keep on the road long enough for me to start driving it.

So my advice is work hard, get the car on the road and make your way towards passing your test.  Easy to say, harder to do, but it's what is required if you want to get on in life. 

All the best with whatever you choose to do.

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Thanks jmurray. Yeah I understand the mk4 isn't very desirable, but it is my first car and it gives me an unexplainable feeling. My heart lies with the mk1. I've been to many classic ford meets and the fiesta has resignated with me (mk4 not really, but to me it is still a good old fiesta). I realise it is all up to me to get the funds to make it happen. 

It has a clean engine and no rot. Only the wheel bearing. 

Your reply has helped, thanks for taking the time mate. Without money I cannot do anything about the car and that's all up to me.

Why weren't the 1.4 very popular as opposed to the smaller engines? 

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I don't know, for me the MK4 (pre-facelift) is quite a desirable car if it is in good condition and original (I.E. not modified).  The 1.3 engine is a complete no-no as it was the most popular (probably because it was the cheapest) but the worst with all the smoothness of a cheese grater and no more power or MPG than the 1.25, so you may as well have had the 1.25.  The 1.4 wasn't so popular because it was most likely more expensive and more powerful, which most MK4 Fiesta buyers weren't interested in.

A rear wheel bearing isn't a big job, so by the sounds of it you have a good car, and as you know the only thing stopping you from driving it is money.  Get that and you're on your way.

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