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Seperate car insurance legal assistance


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Hi all

Just wondered if any of you have stand alone legal assistance for your car insurance.

I will purchase some but my insurance company want me to pay £30.76 extra for it.

Have any of you bought yours separately and if so who from and how much.

Thanks in advance to replies and advice.



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I've had stand alone legal expenses cover for as long as it's been out. Started off at a fiver now I think I paid 28 quid. Very useful to have coz over the years I've used the service 3 times and it's saved me hundreds if not a couple thousand quid in solicitor fees.
£30.76 isn't bad in my eyes.

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In regards to having it with a separate company, I would say it's best to research how good the legal side of your current insurance company is. Then make a decision to take it with your insurance or go with a separate company. 

When I was with Admiral and had to make a claim against an uninsured driver, Admiral themselves were fantastic. However, Admiral legal were useless and I had to do all the work and chasing police, 3rd party for them myself. It would have been easier without them. 

It probably makes things easier to have all with one company, but only if they are good. Of course everyone has different experiences with these things however. I'm now with Adrian Flux and have free legal cover with them. 

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