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I need help my car won't start. Well sometimes it does!!


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Hello Everyone :smile:

Before I hand my keys over to a mechanic and expect some sleepless nights worrying about potential costs, I thought I would try you lot out.

I own a ford focus 2003 petrol 95k miles 1.6 lx blue if you were wondering.

For the past 6 weeks, my car sometimes decides not to start. runs great, starts the first time then the next day it will only turn over.

These are the things I have done in the quest to fix my car.

1. Changed battery to a bigger and better one.

2. Changed all spark plugs. 

3. Changed the battery in my key.  

4. Brought an ODB 2 reader. Ran a test on my ECU.... No errors.

5. Tried to jump start it.....nothing. 

6.  Lubed the ignition switch and gave it a few hits. 

7. Prayed

If anyone could help me solve this issue, I would be forever grateful 

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4 hours ago, JamesMcG said:

my car sometimes decides not to start. runs great, starts the first time then the next day it will only turn over.

The trouble is, it can be quite a lot of things. The old adage is Compression-Fuel-Ignition.

A dodgy starter solenoid can cause intermittent slow cranking, and on an older engine especially, this may not get enough compression to start. Does it sometimes spin over merrily, and sometimes a bit slow & grumpy?

Fuel: Test if there is a smell of petrol in the exhaust after a few failed starting attempts. Or remove a plug to see if it smells of petrol after failing to start. Blocked fuel filters have been known, or intermittent injector problems, etc.

Ignition: To see if you are getting a good spark, remove a plug or all 4, use bare copper or steel wire to securely link the body or bodies to a metal part of the engine, replace the HT lead(s), and get a helper to crank the engine while looking and listening. Low light helps (no good in bright sun, but not too much worry there ATM!)

For a better test use old plugs that have been widened out to about double the normal gap. This simulates conditions under compression in the engine.

Never, ever crank the engine with any plugs disconnected, or the bodies not earthed. This has been known to damage ECUs on rare occasions.

Also only crank in short bursts (5 to 10 sec), with pauses more than 3 times longer than the cranking time in between. The starter motor and solenoid are not rated for continuous use.


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