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Mondeo Sony stereo


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I bought a Sony 6CD player as a replacement for my CD6000 for my mondeo 2004 Zetec, however it doesn't seem to want to fit flush. I notice it's at an angle in comparison  to the CD6000. I modified the cage but it's still doesn't go right in.
I take it from this that it's not a like for like swap!

Would the Sony double din single CD player fit flush?

Maybe a single or double din after market is the answer. 

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The Sony radio that fits the Mondeo is unique in shape compared to the one that fits the rest of the Ford range.

The Mondeo one's faceplate is angled to match the angle of the dash and also is wider at the top.

The fascia is also thinner on the Mondeo one.

I strongly suspect that you have a non Mondeo one.

Mondeo radio

Mondeo Top Width.jpgMondeo Angled Fascia.jpg

Not Mondeo Radio

Focus Radio with Even Fascia.jpgNon Mondeo Radio Thick & Straight Fascia.jpg

This is the one you need-


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