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loud tyre noise


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i have a mk2 ford focus 05.it is making a loud rough tyre noise when driving as if you're driving on rough roads.it sounds like a bearing but had a new bearing fitted on drivers side front but still making the same noise.could it be the other bearing on passenger side front or has anyone else had the same problem or make any suggestions as to what it might be.the tyres are fairly new so i know its not that.it makes the noise when driving on straight roads but seems to be more when turning steering wheel right.its also just had a new front drivers side spring fitted.any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated as it is really annoying me now as its been going on since xmas?

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I had what I thought was a bearing noise on my ST when I got it. Fortunately it turned out to be the tread on the inside of the nearside tyre was stepped. This was causing the droning noise.  If you can run your hand around the inner tread you should be able to feel if it is level or not.

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