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VSS on a Ford KA 2008?!

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Hello everybody!

So I've been having trouble the past couple days, my speedometer stopped working and the engine management light was on. I had a P0500 error which is the VSS error. I have searched Google for hours and hours trying to find where the VSS sensor is. All I could find was that it was by the gearbox / next to the driveshaft. Apparently from 1997-2008 the KAs haven't changed. My dad searched everywhere and could not find one ANYWHERE. Obviously at this point we're very frustrated and annoyed because we can't find out how to solve this... However! :)


I have just found out that the VSS sensor is actually the ABS sensor on the wheel drum. Where my dad had changed the drum on my car, the shop had given him the wrong drum, there was no magnetic strip for the ABS sensor to read. So, this is basically a post to inform anybody incase they have the same problem as me and if you search Google you'll see hardly any KA related problems but many Focus. So hopefully this will be help to somebody out there who needs it.


Thank you :)

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