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New 03 focus, has some problems, leaking brake fluid and oil, advice please

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Hi everyone, we bought a 03 focus "ink" 1.6 6 months ago, it's at just over 100000 miles now. partner has been driving it and noticed brake fluid had dropped to below the minimum. Topped it up and I checked it again and it's dropping to about half way between min and Max within a month.

The master cylinder ( I think)  hisses when the engine is switched off for about 30 seconds 

3 pipes that run from the back of the car into the engine bay, top two have hoses, bottom one does not and that's where it's dripping from. 

Also has an oil leak that is coming from the gear box engine join at the lowest point but no other oil around the rest of the join ( that I can see)

Also a major oil leak down the back left hand side of the engine, I'll try add a picture of this oil leak. 

FIL going to look at it later to see if he can find the source of the leaks.

Any advice please




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