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mikey reb

Ignition problem

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I have a ignition problem with my C-Max which is gradually getting worse. It started as a cold start issue. To start I have to immediately rev up to about 2200 rpm, hold it there for a few mins, then gradually come off the pedal down to tick over. If I am too quick the car stalls and shows an engine fault. As I come off the pedal I can feel if the car is going to stall so can increase the revs if I  am quick enough. Initially the problem only occurred on a very cold start but now is beginning to happen every morning. Once the car has been running it starts fine until the next morning's start. I have taken it to a dealers garage and was told that there where some fault codes indicating a problem with the fuel injectors. I was quoted approx. £600 to clear/sort these but told that there was no guarantee that this would solve my ignition problem.

Any ideas please?


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