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Hi all. Our first ford s max titanium and we love it! We want to uprate it. Help please 😊

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Hi guys.

We have just purchased our ford s max titanium. A 2007 with 100k miles.

Great car, we love it. It has the titanium x pack on it, 18" alloys,  panoramic roof, leather and alcantra interior etc... as well as factory fitted sat nav,  and the full screen mounted headrests and dvd setup.

Beautiful car we really love it. 

I really want to upgrade the front end so my question is will a facelift 2011 titanium x front bumper fit our model?

The dimensions look the same as do lights and bonnet etc.


Can't find anyone that's done it!


Thanks in advance,


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Hi Neil,

I have also just bought a '07 S-Max and have just asked the same question in the forum.

Mine is not Titanium, but I will be doing some scavenging at the breakers soon, so if I find a facelift version I will look at the fixing points. I can't believe that the 'Zetec' trim level comes with AC and a heated screen, but no light in the glove box? :o

Anyway, if I find the answer, I will post it here.

Good luck,


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