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James West Mids

Number Plate Stolen

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Hi guys,

I'm not technically expecting any responses from this. I'm posting it more for information share! My number plate was nicked Friday 10th March from the Birmingham area. It's been reported to the Police. I'm just now waiting for fines to pour through my letter box 😄


It's a long shot but please shout up if you see a vehicle with the plate: GY59 FKG


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Ouch! that's aweful mate and i suspect  the plates were nicked either for the fun of it in which case they won't be seen again or put on a stolen car to be used in a crime so they may just turn up on a ringer in which case will be spotted some where around the country ...

so i'll keep my eye's peeled just in case and in the mean time if you can afford it i'd get some private plates and fit them with anti theft screws which will help stop the police from pulling you over or should do plus render the old reg useless ..

Any how good luck with tracking the plates down in the mean time ;) .


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