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Focus 1.6 Petrol Power Loss

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Hi all

Apologies if this has been covered in another part of the forum but most of the threads on power loss seem to be related to the diesel engines rather than petrol.

The car in question is a 1.6 petrol 100bhp 2008 Focus. The car has roughly 73k miles on it.

The issue I'm having is the car seems to to lack power randomly. If i accelerate hard sometimes it has plenty of poke and leaps forward but other times it seems to take particulary long to build speed, almost as if I was driving a 1.2 or something. The issue seems to be more related to low rpms and when it's roughly about 3000 or 4000rpm it drives well. I drove another 1.6 Focus at the weekend and it felt considerably faster.

I notice if I accelerate hard whether the power kicks in fully or not it definitely feels like there is a flat spot in the middle of the power delivery.

When the engine is cold it seems to drive slightly better from low revs but starts lacking more power intermittently when fully warmed up.

There is no engine lights on in the dash and the car does not misfire, just power seems to be good then almost halved.

Spark plugs and air filter were replaced 2000 miles ago.

Not sure if it is linked to the problem or not but I notice when the engine is idle there is a slight vibration but goes as soon as it's revved.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Have you changed the spark plug leads at all


how does the coil pack look , give that a good clean


Try using 10k Boost EGR cleaner :



Hope this helps



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Hi Dagger thanks for the reply.

No the spark plug leads haven't been changed. They are numbered so I assume they are still the ones from factory.

I did take the plugs off to inspect them but could not find any visible issues with them as it cuts or cracks. Could it be possible they are still worn internally though?

Does the 1.6 petrol have an egr valve?I always assumed it didn't as I know the 1.4 petrol doesn't.

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