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Auto start/stop issues

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Hello everyone. I have a 2013 Focus and I'm having issues with the auto start/stop function. It seems to be disabling itself and shows a battery warning on the dash. Any ideas as to what it might be? I've taken it in to my dealer and booked it in. I bought the car less than a year ago and have taken the 2 year extended warranty but they told me only the alternator is covered

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Sounds like the voltage on the battery is too low for the system to function. Are you able to check the battery voltage with a multimeter yourself? I'd start there before assuming it is the alternator. If the battery is failing then the alternator may be providing charge but it won't hold it. Have you tried disconnecting the battery for 15minutes and seeing if it resets the system when you reconnect? A bit like turning your computer off and on again when it freezes. Make sure you have the radio code if applicable

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Sorry for the very late reply! I ended up taking it to my Ford dealer who then ran a diagnostic test and it was determined it was something to do with a grill sensor with water damaged wiring. I decided not to get it fixed by Ford but since then I've not had the problem again!

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