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abs light

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hi all. changed the ball joints and track rod ends and links on my 2007 RWD ford transit. now the abs light with esp wont go off.  had computer test and was told it was something to do with steering and something about longitude. took it to chemix for alinement with print out but lights stay on.  any ideas before I take it back to transit centre to sort out.  this van is costing me loads.  any ideas please

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6 hours ago, katelyndon said:

was told it was something to do with steering and something about longitude.

I have never heard about Longitude on Fords!

The ESP system uses a steering angle sensor, an accelerometer and a yaw rate (rate of turn) sensor, in addition to the usual ABS wheel sensors, to add some steering stability control to the ABS system.

The steering angle sensor is probably in the steering wheel near the airbag. The yaw sensor and accelerometer will be on a body crossmember somewhere, most likely. In the Focus, these sensors go straight to the ABS unit, which also does the ESP. In the Mondeo, I think there is a separate module (Vehicle Dynamics) for the ESP. Not sure about the Transit.

But if you were working on the suspension, I would double check that it is not just one of the ABS sensors damaged or disconnected, first.

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