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Head rests on Ford Fiesta Zetec 2010

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Hello everyone, I'm new to the FOC having just been given my parents' Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.2. It's a gorgeous car and in excellent condition, they barely used it anymore and wanted a new loving home. It's now got one!

The only problem is the headrests... I'm only 5'2" and with the seat raised and set nearly as far forwards as it will go, my head is almost touching the roof/visor. I've moved the steering wheel down as far as it will go and tried different seat angles. I had to put the seat back down and I'm currently getting arm ache from having to reach up! I love the car but it's not ideal.

I've spent the morning Googling Fiesta headrest and got various ideas but wondered if any of you fellow Ford Owners have had this issue and what you did about it - and whether you were happy with the result (quite important!).

Here are the suggestions I've found

1) Remove it - worried about what happens if I'm involved in an accident

2) Turn the headrests round - will look odd but would fix the problem

3) Preferred option - purchase adjustable headrest and replace current ones - but can't figure out whether a new one would be compatible or not

Any suggestions would be incredibly gratefully received. Best wishes, Rachel.

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Have you thought about pedal extensions? Motability shops sell them and they might solve your problem. They aren't a cheap alternative but on the same hand they aren't too expensive either. No offence intended by suggesting these but it would probably enable you to sit further back and that is much saver when you have an airbag in the steering wheel. It would do more harm than good in an accident.

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