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Cost of new flexi pipe

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I have a 2005 Mondeo LX, it has just passed the Mot, but with an advisory, it needs a new front flexi pipe.

I have had a quote from the MOT man for £149, should I take it?

Plus my lights front and back flicker at idle speed, what do you reckon!

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Hi Adrian,  I usually find on these forums unless somebody replies, nobody replies.  I do hope somebody replies as I am taking the car in tomorrow to Slo Sit and would  have liked to know if I was being stung or not.  Should have kept the Volvo!!


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29 minutes ago, Nantucket said:

wholeheartedy withdraw the last reference to the Volvo.     Apologees to all concerned

Why ? my Ford Focus Mk2 ST and the RS( and every one else's)  is a 2.5 Volvo engine. A superb engine never let me down and moded to 340 BHP. As for your pipe with fitting and VAT probably about right with modern day prices nothings cheep nowadays

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Many thanks Gizza 11, least I know Im not getting ripped off.  Never knew about the Volvo engines, but then the auto world always surprises me, one reason I love it so much.

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