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Service Club Plan - Is it worth it??

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I've had my 15 plate Zetec S for just over a year and have today booked it into my local Ford garage as the seatbelt warning keeps coming on.  Before I got off the phone I was given the hard sell of their service club plan but I'm not sure if its worth it.  On the other hand I'm not a mechanic and have always taken care of my cars with regular servicing etc and would like peace of mind but don't want to be ripped off either.   


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It's a matter of choice. You need to know exactly what is covered sounds like this will be the annual service including parts and labour so if it's a 3 year plan you need to multiply the monthly payments by 36 to get an overall cost then check how much the same 3 services will cost. Then take into account that you don't have to find the annual cost in one lump sum.

I had one on my previous car and on the RS just so I don't have to worry about paying each year

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For me the ford service plan worked out much more expensive than if I just took my car to be serviced over 3 years. However bare in mind some service plans may also include: 10% discount of parts of needed, free tyre repairs and also free summer and winter checks. When I take that into consideration it wasn't too bad, and means I don't have to find a lump sum at the end of the year. 

Find out what exactly they are offering you in the service plan before it decide, as it may be different depending on the plan. 

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