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S-Max Bluetooth issue - Midlands specialists?


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Hi all, bought my 09 S-Max Titanium last summer, my first Ford and non-Honda in 8 years (due to family need a big car!).

The car is great, so practical and comfortable, but I have had, since I bought it, an issue with the bluetooth and the stereo. 

My phone connects fine, i can make and receive calls and access my contacts etc, but the stereo will simply not play music from my phone (it's an iPhone if that helps). I can select Ford Audio on my phone for the speaker source, but the message i get on my display is "audio mute," so i have to plug the phone in with an aux cable to the glove box. I have reset the stereo (by unplugging the fuse and putting back)  and changed the battery in Feb (so know the bluetooth unit has been without power and reconnected) but nothing has changed.

I was fine with using an aux cable with an iPhone 6 due to being able to plug that an a charger in when using the phone as a sat nav and for audio, but now i have an iPhone 7 i am a bit stuck.

What I'm getting to is if anyone knows of a ford specialist or mechanic that could sort my bluetooth out in or around the west midlands (i dont mind a bit of travelling if i have to!) and how much it may cost me to get this sorted?

Many thanks in advance

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