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ICE Upgrade

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I purchased a 2009 Ford Focus CC-3 last week and there is one area I'd like to develop; the in car entertainment system.

The car has the 6-CD changer Sony head unit, but no bluetooth, DAB Radio (which I miss) or Sat Nav.

I'd like to replace the stereo with a system that has bluetooth, DAB radio and Apple CarPlay (providing the Sat Nav and more).  I'm also keen to add a areverse parking camera (my wife is used to this on her Qasqai).

I've seen plenty of cheap Chinese units available on eBay, which can add Sat Nav and bluetooth, but these look cheap and don't enable DAB radio or Apple CarPlay.

I've been into Halfords and looked at a Pioneer unit which has CarPlay / bluetooth, but not DAB (although they said the Pioneer representative said this was coming soon and would be available as a retro fit to the existing units, maybe via a software update but most probably by adding another piece of hardware.

I wondered whether anyone had any experience in this area or had any recommendations for me.

Warm regards,

Nigel (Past_Tabler)

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I ended up buying a Kenwood unit with CarPlay and DAB and have it installed.  It is great and I am a happy bunny!

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