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Key Fob. Is it correct?

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I recently bought a 2006 Focus and although its a great car i am having a small issue of the car not always starting.

If you put the key in and turn the ignition, nothing happens, just a rapid blinking red dot above the dashboard.

Several attemps needed but will start after say 8-10 times etc.

Question here is, i think the remote is wrong for my car, it seems different from other 2006 models so im guessing the remote is not always registering with the cars immobiliser system, tho i could be completly wrong of course!

Heres some pics of my key fob...

If they are wrong where would i go for best place to have it altered to what i should have.


Ford quoted me £200 for new key/remote.




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I was seeing like a flip fob key on some adverts and thought this was reason why mine wont start on rare occasions.

I guess the PATS detector ring is my best port of call, i will try that and see if it does the job.

Thanks guys.

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