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Can I get away with saying that its an ST instead of an ST-3?


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Like the title says, may seem stupid but looking at insurance and insuring an ST-3 is substantially more than a standard ST but my question is if I just say that it is an ST, would I get away with that or would it void my insurance as a whole? Right now, I can get an ST insured for under £900 but an ST-3 is closer and sometimes exceeding £1000...anyway round this so I'm not getting shafted? 

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21 hours ago, alexp999 said:

Surely it pulls it from the reg?

If you try and lie saving £100 now, you could end up massively out of pocket if you find they don't pay out.

It's fine, managed to pull it down from £1000+ to £899 just by using a different email address on confused.com...when there's a will, there's a way :biggrin:


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Strange use of the wording "can I get away with..." which suggests the original poster was fully aware that he was being economical with the facts in order to pay less.  Insurance is based on value and risk, so just be honest and up front rather than learn the hard way that your insurer won't pay out because the 'facts' you have presented are not actually factual. Insurance companies will do their utmost to avoid paying out if they can. 

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When it comes to insurance, especially when it comes what the vehicle actually is, just be truthful and pay the extra if you have to. That goes for the same as if you're adding mods to your vehicle, make sure your insurance are aware. Two main reasons for this

1) Should the worst happen and there is damage to your vehicle that you require your insurance to cover, they may potentially turn around and refuse. Leaving you with a damaged car and you to pick up the bill.

2) (Even more seriously) If you are stopped by the police for whatever reason, they will run your number plate. That will tell them your vehicle is insured as an ST. Any police officer that knows anything about cars will know it's not an ST, but in fact an ST-3. Therefore your insurance is void. This then causes you all sorts of issues. Your car would be seized there and then for driving without insurance, and you would be looking at a minimum of 6 points on your license, along with a fine that will be no less than £300.

So you need to ask yourself as to whether risking all that is really worth saving on a few hundred quid? I'd personally argue not. Just bite the bullet and enjoy worry free driving.

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