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Oil change


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Sorry if this has been asked hundreds of times but I couldn't find the info on here on my phone.


Anyway, I've got a 2005 t280 (2L) for tranny with 100k on the clock.

My mate is going to do a service on it but looking at different sites it says different oil types. 

So what type do I use? 



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derr, wasnt reading properly , you want transmission oil grade, will go have a look, what gearbox? 5 spd or 6spd?

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No it's engine oil I wanted. The service kits on eBay list it as needing 10w40 my mate (not a mechanic either) said it should be 5w30 as you said.

Anyway the gear box oil is on the to-do list so info on that would be good as well. It's a 5 speed box. Now and then it slips out of first and getting it into reverse is a problem at times so I'm hoping new oil will help a bit


Thanks for the reply as well. 

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