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ford fiesta 2012 audio update

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I have a 12 plate ford fiesta zetec had it for about a year now and i have never been able to connect my iPhone to my ford audio it always says make sure its in range so i cannot access my hands free so i called ford during the week and they said is any other phones already paired up already as i brought the car from a previous owner but they said it allows you to have six bonds why cant it work for me and how do i update to a new software i have a usb memory stick for the download can anyone help?  

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In the menus for the radio ensure that the bluetooth is switched on / enabled.

Then remove all the old phones from the list if there are any.

Then try again to pair your phone.

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I haven't got that choice i cant get the list up with the previous phones i have got a ford fiesta but every time i try and connect my phone with the car bluetooth it always says make sure that it is in range the only reason i got the ford fiesta zetec was to enjoy all of gadgets as i had a crappy old clio before i want the opportunity to answer  a phone call through my car help thanks gwyther94

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