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Lost ALL keys - Cheapest way to solve?

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Hey guys, will keep this brief and to the point - 

Ford Transit Connect. 05 plate.

Belongs to a friend who only got one key with it when he bought it, which he has now lost. 

Obviously he has all the relevant documents to prove he is the owner.

What's the cheapest course of action here? I'm hearing horror stories about Ford charging £1000 to code new keys.

Can't you just buy a blank key and code it yourself? 

Running out of options here - pretty desperate situation really. His van is his only transport and he's in serious trouble without it.

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Get him to call some local auto locksmiths for quotes.
They will be able to read the key pattern from the locks and cut & code accordingly.
Far cheaper than £1000.

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OK, so we FOUND the original, but could obviously do with a spare getting cut. 

Am I right in thinking with the master key, you can buy blank spares and copy them using the van itself? I used to have Ka and remember being able to do that.

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You would need 2 fully working/coded keys to unlock the key adding process but Ford did remove this ability at some point as well.
Best bet is either try Timpsons for a cloned key or for best results use an auto locksmith.

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