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Screenwash not working SMax 2.0TDCI

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My screen washer on a 59 plate SMax 2.0 TDCI has stopped working. Had it into ford with an ECU problem, came back and washers had stopped working.


I think it might be a fuse - but unsure which fuse it specifically is. I have checked washer motor energises when connected to a battery......but its not getting a signal from the wiper stalk I don't think.

Can anyoine help me find the fuse I need to check first please......I have a feeling Ford might have removed the fuse when they were investing my previous ECU fault.....don't want to go back due to previous costs !!!!!

I have tried to locate the fuse myself from the handbook....but as you can see in the attached images the fusebox looks nothing like what the handbook shows !!

HELP PLEASE - which fuse and rating is the windscreen washer controlled by?







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I owned an X Type Jaguar before this van, and there were two issues with the screen wash. One was the pipe that ran to the bonnet jets kinking and the other was the small filter that sits inline with the pump at the bottom of the tank. If you use screen wash soap, it can clog up the filter and you would have to access it to clean it out like I did, worth looking in to. :-)

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