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Servicing for my Fiesta


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29 minutes ago, iantt said:

there is no fuel filter on your car.

Lol so much for ford saying when i rang last week quote '' it includes the fuel filter'' and also today same woman said ''its upto the customer if they want it changed''

My Tyre grows tread and my aliment adjusted itself,m.o.t in October said aliment out just out the red and same Tyre has 4mm and today i have4.5 and aliment ok.

2 printed colored A4 sheets side by side,all good fun at the end of the day just love a good rant.

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11 hours ago, Jethro_Tull said:

They don't check alignment as part of the MOT.  To do that properly would take nearly as long as the test itself.

Its a free check nothing to do with m.o.t,got sheet here and all in color the same as i got for my service yesterday but yesterdays covered

a lot more checks,it also says about the free check i will get on the email i get when its booked in.

The picture below is the one i always get,this is 2 years old one,the changed fluid free.



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