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How many Fords have you had?

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Just got to thinking about this and was surprised to count 7. In rough order,

mk1 Fiesta, (written off by a Post Office van)

mk4 Cortina 1.6L estate,

mk4 Cortina 2.0 Ghia auto,

mk4 Escort 1.6 Ghia (blown engine)

mk4 Granada Executive 2.0 auto, 

mk6 Fiesta, (must have been a bad one as I never ever bettered 35mpg & it felt like an Airfix kit assembled without the glue)

& my current chariot.


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This is my 5th Ford. Always had Ford exept for my first car (VW Golf -1977)

First Ford:
A used Fiesta mk2 (1984)

Factory new:
Fiesta mk3 (1990)
Fiesta mk4 (2001)
Fiesta mk6.5 (2008)
Focus mk.3.5 (2106)

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I'm on my 4th. I started with a Ford Sierra Sapphire, then had a Ford Mondeo (Not my favourite car), After being badly let down by a Renault I bought a very cheap Ford Focus which lasted me from about 2013 until last month - a brilliant buy from a certain auction site and now I am in the process of buying a Ford Focus CC which will hopefully be a good runner - it only has 16000 miles on the clock so fingers crossed.

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Escorts Mk1 J,N

Escorts Mk2 R

Escorts Mk3 X

Escorts Mk4 D,H,L,P,S

Focus Mk1 X,52

Focus Mk2 55,09

Focus Mk3 61,15




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On my Fifth Ford now, waiting for the sixth to be released. Never owned anything other than Ford, although I used to use my Mum's Clio for sixth form after I passed.


Focus Mk1.5 Zetec (2002) State Blue 1.8 TDCi (115)

Fiesta Mk7 Titanium (2010) Panther Black 1.6 TDCi (90)

Focus Mk3 Titanium X (2012) Ink Blue 2.0 TDCi (163)

Focus Mk3.5 Zetec S (2014) Magnetic 1.5 EcoRattle (150)

Focus ST Mk3.5 (2015) Deep Impact Blue 2.0 EcoBoost (250)

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I had a 1.8 escort for a few months in the 90's. 2011 saw me in a
58 plate mk4 mondeo titanium diesel
12 plate mk3 focus titanium x diesel
11 plate mk4.5 mondeo titanium x sport diesel
14 plate mk3 focus titanium x diesel
Now in a 62 plate mondeo titanium x sport ecoboost.
Not kept my fords for long really.

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Mine are listed in my signature on the website but for those on tapatalk

Escort mk1
Escort RS
Mondeo si
Mondeo ST220
Mondeo zetec
Fiesta ZS
Fiesta ST
Focus RS

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