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Cold air intake/Induction kit for my MK4 mondeo??


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I'm looking for a cold air intake for my Mondeo, I'm not a fan of the flat panel filters because they seem to clog up really fast with debris, usually taking a handful of leaves out every month or so.


K&N don't seem to think they have one that will fit but searches take me to the 57i and a Ram Air one popped up but I can't remember which one. Has anyone one here taken the risk with an Induction/Cold air intake from a different model Ford and succeeded or have any advice for me?

I've got the Mondeo TDCI Duratorq 1.8L (QYBA) engine.



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I would be very interested in the outcome of this. 


I have a 57 plate 1.8 diesel and am going to service it soon. Just wondering if a panel filter is the way to go or if there are any real benifits of an induction kit. 

Looking at changing the exhaust after the turbo and putting a bigger inter cooler in as well before a re map so would be part of a bigger upgrade package.



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"performance" filters often require special liquid to work correctly. There is an ongoing discussion of impact of this fluid on MAF sensor causing incorrect readings.
I've seen a test of three filters : performance, new and used (2 year old).
Impact on performance ? None.
I would check if all plastic covers on the air box are installed as those boxes don't normally suck leaves.
Cars that will do that (C4 as a prime example) will usually have filters with additional fabric underneath.

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