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Broken Screen / 2006 satnav


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Evening all - newbie here.

I've got a 2006 S-Max titanium, with the posh extra-cool satnav console, and the screen (or maybe just the touch panel over it) is smashed. It still displays fine (beneath the cracks) but you can't input anything. The part number for the whole thing is 6m2t-18b988-ac.

Ford want something like £3.5 grand for a new one, which is probably more than the car is worth now (it's had a hard life, but still just goes and goes).

After weeks of searching, I can see that they have been for sale on eBay etc. for around £250, but that they are rare to find.

Does anyone know:

- Can I replace the screen by itself, or is it one of these that is glued solid and will just wreck whatever's behind it if I try and remove it?
- If I can replace the screen, can I use one from a near-match, something like this ? Or could I use that whole console?
(Obviously the heating controls are only half what I have at the moment (which still work) but that's not a huge problem - the fascia's a different shape though).
- If none of that's possible, any good ideas for other options? Aftermarket audio (don't 100% need the satnav)? But what do I do about the heating controls though?

I've asked an audio specialist place, who said he could fit audio and/or satnav, but couldn't do anything about the heating controls, nor have it linked to the dash display, and my local garage who basically said "you won't be able to fit anything other than exactly the same".

All advice gratefully accepted,



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Hi Andy , Guess the 1st port of call is can you find a replacement screen for the satnav ? . I have changed the touch screens on a normal Garmin satnav, Just takes a steady hand and some patience ., But not changed one on a built in device 

If you can find a replacement screen then I guess its possible, either that or search the breakers yards  

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Just to finish this one up....


It's taken me over a month, but it's now in and working! Woo!

Most of that time was trying to take the unit out of the dash. I bought cheapo thin ally extraction keys off eBay, and they almost cut my fingers off. Got a better, thicker set, and still just could not do it. Eventually, my local friendly mechanic managed to brute force the b*st*rd out (huge thank you to OneStop in Thame).

Got the screen from LinITX, as linked to from the thread that Paul pointed out. The picture in that link is (thankfully) misleading. The connector comes out the bottom long edge, not a short edge, and connector is supplied to plug the ribbon cable into. Still had to do a bodge job on routing the cable to the right place (any tips on the proper way to join two differently sized ribbon connectors?). It looks awful inside, but I epoxy-protected my soldering, so it should last a little while at least.

And I learned a useful lesson - if you think you need to brute force something, to get it off, sit down, have a coffee and a think, and come up with a different way of doing it :-)

Thanks Paul!


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