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Airbag warning light


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I spent a good few hours today cleaning my partners 57 plate Galaxy Ghia.

This meant I had to move the drivers seat full forward and backward to get at all the carpet etc.

I noticed a small white (with red painted face) multiway connector loose underneath the front of the seat, on the right hand side (if facing forwards) of the underseat pull out tray.

But I can't find anywhere obvious where this should connect to.

But now the airbag light comes on with the ignition and stays on so clearly I have disturbed something.

Any help or guidance gratefully accepted.


Please accept my apologies if this is covered elsewhere in the forum and gently point me in that direction.

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Hi Ringer,

I had a look on my car (2007 Galaxy ghia). Looking at the right-hand seat from the front there is a black wiring connector block to the left of the pull-out draw. The loom comes through the carpet and connects to that block which is secured with a 7mm screw.  Hope this helps.

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The large black wiring connector was the culprit it seems.

Removed that, by undoing the retaining screw, applied WD40, reconnected it, all good.

Only 3 segments within the black connector are in use.


The extra connector I was concerned about comes through from the floor loom and appears to be ready to connect to the seat for other (not fitted) options I assume.

Thanks for the ideas.

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