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Should i keep or sell?!?!?

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Hi, my names ryan and i own a 2010 ford fiesta zetec s, i brought this car from a auction and it cost me 3500 inc fees and at the time it was a impulse buy as i was very excited for getting a car. I brought it with like 4months+ until my 17th bday, meaning i wouldent be able to use it until then or until i pass my test.

In my head i thought its best i sell it instead of having it sit and get seized up ect

so i listed it for £3600 and ive only had offers on £3000! 

 So id be taking a £500+ loss

From now i have 1 and half months until my 17th bday 

So my question is do i sell my car and lose £500+ OR keep it until my bday?

The car has done 92k miles, 0 service history, Its got a couple of scratches on the rear and wear and tear of 92k miles. 

Ive checked insureance and its affordable for me but i feel it would be better to get with much cheaper insurance.

Im in a really hard place as i love the car but im worried about losng money on it in the future :(




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yes keep it is fab looking car, i can trust you youll get rid and youll regret if hugely, and youll want it back.

as a first car it looks grate i wish i had mine for my first i had to have a old silver yaris lol 

do you live on a cul de sac street or a very quiet street?

if so get a parent to drive up and down the road to keep the brakes and stuff from getting seized, you can also go and turn it over so the engine doesnt seize.

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Listing it at £3600 was too low to get your £3500 back

Relist it at £4199 then you may get an offer of £3500 in the month and a half until your birthday

If not, keep it, but at least you wont lose £500


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smart little car - if its mechanically sound and ready to go then why get rid? enjoy it for a year or two, get your experience in using it then upgrade to something bigger/faster if you feel you want to.

good looking little monsters those Zetec S Fiestas.

On a storage note, if you are worried about storing it for a while, pump the tyres up to 38-40psi to stop them from flattening out and have the engine run for 5-10 mins every couple of weeks. It'll be fine.

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