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Crankshaft sensor

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for about 2 weeks now, I have been experiencing sudden cutting out of my TDCI, which takes ages to start again. I get no prior symptoms, it just cuts out, however I have noticed the glow plug light flashing after it cuts out. So I turn the ignition off and try to start the engine again, and while it is cranking over and over the glow plug light starts flashing again and will remain flashing while I crank the engine over. 

So to explain further, when I got the car last year I noticed it had the Black coloured Cam sensor fitted, so bought the grey coloured one and fitted that, and it all seemed ok. I have read different web pages and some point to possibly the Crank sensor causing the cut out issues, but I would like to see if there is any help or advice on here. I have ordered a code reader and await its delivery, so that my throw up further possibilities for this issue?

Thanks in advance for any help etc.

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AN update:

Hi, I have had a scan tool attached to read any stored dtc codes, and there are 5 as follows

P1000--System readiness test not complete

P2263--- Turbo charger Boost pressure/performance problem

P0201--Injector malfunction

P0202--Injector malfunction 

P0203--Injector malfunction

So do these errors have something to do with it cutting out and very difficult to start afterwards?

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks


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