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cracking/ creaking noise when I turn my steering wheel right


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Hi there

When i turn my steering wheel right I'm getting a loud clicking, cracking sound , does any one have any idea what this could be


I've attached a link to a you tube video of the problem






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thought it was gonna be the bearing at the top of the suspension but nope... that would be constant in both directions and yours seems to be only when steering right ie past straight forward rather than just when turning the steering wheel right....

So wear/damage on a component that only comes into play past that point.... I'd axle stand/jack the front end and remove the wheels and look for damage, failing that get someone to turn the wheel while you listen close enough to find the source of the click...

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My 2005 Fusion was made in Cologne Germany.  The front coil springs corrode in months, apparently.  Mine broke 1 a year ago, and made a very similar noise to yours in the video.  Ford doesn't admit any wrongdoing (free repair), but have devised a solution?  When replacing springs, use a Zinc insulator to slow-down corrision.

Broken Spring.JPG

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