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Ford Grand C-Max Oil Pressure Light

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Hi there, I have a 2011 Grand C-max and was driving the other day, when the engine revved a little strangely followed by the oil light turning on. We turned off the engine right away and checked the oil level after a few minutes. The oil level was fine so I googled it and many people advised not to drive the car if it might be a problem with the oil pressure. So we towed the car home and I borrowed a friends scanner and found that there are no OBD error codes. I started the engine again just to see if the light was still on and it is still on so I turned off the engine.

I talked with a mechanic here and they said the first place to start would be to switch out the oil pressure switch. Does that seem like a reasonable first step? Does it make sense that the engine revved strangely before the oil light turned on if it was just a switch that was the problem? I am no expert, but it seems a little strange that the engine would be affected if it is just a  switch that is faulty, but I guess the car is controlled by a computer so maybe the switch going out makes the computer think something is strange.

It is a cheap part so it seems like it is worth a shot. I have never changed one of those and was wondering if anyone has a shop manual that they could post the section which shows where to find the oil pressure switch. Pictures of the engine showing where the oil pressure switch would also be helpful if nobody has that part of a shop manual. I have a diesel 1.6 with 95 hp if that helps.



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