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Help - Fiesta Bonnet won't shut

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Hi all I need help, I have a mk6 Fiesta and the bonnet will not lock past safety catch and can't see any reason why not. FYI I have tried the following -

Cable and release work fine from handle in car through to bonnet catch and safety release tabby thing.

When bonnet open can push screwdriver down through catch and it locks fine and releases fine with lever in car

When bonnet down can take plastic grill off and see with a torch the striking bit goes into the fist safety catch just won't go all the way down to lock can they move somehow and not reach?

Have taken latch off completely and greased and moved the mechanism back and forth multiple times to check not seized.

Took it to Fiesta breakers and he tried different latch still wouldn't work.

I'm at my wits end! the garage won't take it I can't go anywhere as it's a safety issue what have I missed?



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Are you letting it drop to close it? On some Fiesta's they don't close by dropping instead you have to lower it then push down gently until it you hear a little click.

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Hi Ryan,

Yes we have tried just pushing and kneeling on it until the bonnet is about to dent - no joy...) :


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