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Air Con issue


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I'm from the UK and have a Ford Fusion 2 2004 5 door hatchback and the Air Con isn't working. I've had it re-gassed and they said there's no leaks, but they also said they can't hear the compressor kick in. I was told it could be a fault with a sensor. Does anybody have ideas what the problem could be and what it might cost to fix?


Thanks in advance.

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4 hours ago, FusionOwner said:

it could be a fault with a sensor.

Usually there are a couple of simple pressure switches in the A/C system. They stop the compressor if the pressure is too low, or on the high pressure side, also if if it too high. Sometimes pressure transducers are used (sending a continuous signal to the ECU), but most Fords just use pressure switches. They can fail, and stop the compressor.

There are also a fuse, maybe a relay, and the magnetic clutch on the compressor. Also quite a bit of wiring and connectors. So first check the simple things like fuses, then it will be down to following the circuit through, and looking for power, or lack of it at various points.

Cost could be anything really. If it is a pressure switch or relay, these are quite cheap. Pressure switches can often be changed without de-pressurising the system, as a valve may be installed, but it varies on car model. Wiring loom problems can be more expensive, and harder to find. A compressor clutch fault would probably be expensive.


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Low pressure switch is a doodle to change...its next to the fill point just undo with a spanner.

One way valve so gas will not escape.


High pressure is a bit harder to reach...just down the left hand side of the rad. Follow the aluminium pipe down and you will see it

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