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2010 Galaxy TDCI, steering vibration

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I bought a second hand 2010 galaxy 2.0 TDCI powershift a few months ago. 65K miles/105K Kms.

I didn't do much motorway driving until recently and I noticed quite a bit of vibration in the sterring wheel. I brought it to the local tyre fitter and he showed me quite a bit of a lateral buckle in one of the alloy wheels. I had them refurbished and two new front tyres fitted as they were due for a change and had the wheels balanced. I saw the previouslt damaged wheel on the balancing machine and it was perfectly straight in both axis and balanced according to the screen.

This hasn't stopped the vibration. It is most apparent at 70mph/120kmh. It is a slight side to side vibration or buzzing. It's more when driving uphill or with the engine under load. The engine seems to create quite a shudder when stopping and a plenty of vibration at idle certainly compared to the newer generation in my Focus MKII

I'm going to bring it to the main dealer but I'd like to have an idea of common faults or known issues before they just start replacing bits willy nilly as main dealers are sometime prone to doing rather than fault finding. I'm thinking some of the bushings in the suspension and/or engine mounts?

I'd appreciate your opinions, as always thanks for taking the time to reply.

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Sounds like wheels had impact from prievious owner but to what extent you won't know.

you done right thing getting wheel replaced and balanced as that's the main common issue.

if it's had a good knock could of knocked your track rod end out of place or steering rack.

i would recommend getting them checked also ball joints.

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 I had a similar problem on a 2007 Galaxy, a strange noise/vibration,  It felt like a front wheel or transmission fault but after a lot of investigation, changing wheels round, and road testing it turned out to be a rear tyre that had gone out of shape. Worth a check if all else fails!

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Thanks I'll have them checked.

Old Boot, I had all 4 alloy wheels reconditioned so they are "as new" Had the previous front tyres put on the rears and two new Pirelis fitted on the front so I think I've ruled out a wobbly tyre for now.

I think it's more like to be bushings or other parts of the suspension or engine mounts.

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Please let me know how you get on and good luck 

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