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Hi, basically I have a 2009 1.6 focus zetec I know it's no rocket but I drove my nans 2006 1.6 ghia today and it feels a lot more smoother to drive, my car feels as if it struggles to pull away in comparison, anything guys cheers? 

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To add to Matts post, could also be the coil starting to break down..... check your lead resistance first with a meter you may find one has 'gone'. (The easiest thing to check first) -> https://www.ngk.de/en/technology-in-detail/ignition-cables/diagnosis/testing-of-ignition-cables/

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On 2017-7-4 at 6:20 PM, kingsblue said:

Another possibilty is that your nans 1.6 ghia may be the 115 bhp vct version and yours being a 2009 Zetec may well be the 100 bhp version.

No they are both 100bhp, I thought the same, I'll change the plugs and take it from there, will let use know if I resolve the problem and the fix, thanks guys. 

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Two otherwise identical engines can differ by as much as 5% when they're brand new due cumulative differences in tolerances.  By the time two different engines have been driven by different people on different journeys, serviced differently, and generally treated differently for 8 years, they can bed in and wear significantly differently, and thus feel very different, despite nothing actually being wrong with either unit.

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