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Ford Focus 1.6TDCI remap

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Ford Focus 2014 1.6 TDCI remap. 29/06/2017
I wanted a bit more fun from my focus 1.6 tdci titanium x commute car so searched various forums looking for a bit more  oomph. The obvious way forward was a remap and Celtic tuning clearly got the most positive press. After calling the company I was told there was a 3 month wait for anyone to do a home visit which to me confirmed their popularity. They told me Leigh motor services could fit me in sooner so despite the 60 mile journey I booked a slot for the remap. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the remap. After all I have a 1.6 tdci so was way off league from the ST/RS big boys. The car was on the ramps for a couple of hrs and then came the road test. ***** hell what a difference. They took the bhp from 93 to an impressive 137. I felt instant power gain. Pulling away in 1st required some restraint on the throttle otherwise it redlined in a split second. From 2nd to 3rd gear once you hit the 2500 rpm turbo sweet spot the car turned into a bit of a hooligan. Even more impressive was the drive home on the motorway. From 70mph changing from 5th to 6th the car accelerated to a ton in a couple of seconds. I still can't get the stupid grin off my face from the whole drive home. What's more I drove to the garage in morning rush hour traffic both urban and motorway getting a respectful 62mpg driving like miss Daisy. Driving home after the remap I couldn't help but drive it like I  stole it and still got 58 mpg. I read reports of focus remaps eating clutches and if you rip the ***** out of every gear I can see why but using the remap with respect should not cause premature wear. I've got a 1.6 tdci. It will never be an ST or RS but after the remap with a blip of the throttle it puts a grin on my face. Celtic tuning have another very satisfied customer and the guys at Leigh service garage come highly recommended.

06/07/2017 Update

Still grinning ;@)


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Had my 2012 1.6 TDCi Focus remapped I assume you have the 95bhp version? I almost chose Celtic Tuning too they're a good company, be careful with first gear as you now have nothing to protect the gearbox from being shred up, I asked my tuner to increase the power of my first gear but not to go over the torque limit of the gearbox which he had done for me, moves like ***** on a shovel first gear when I need it to. 

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