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Fiesta Mk7 AirCon vent direction problem


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I have had my Fiesta Titanium Mk7 since new in 2009, since day one the vent to the windscreen has never been that great at blowing hot air onto the windscreen I only used to use it for that in the winter anyway and as it has a heated windscreen I thought that was just how it was as I had nothing to compare it to anyway, I used it all the time on the main front vents coming out of the dashboard.


Last week I took the car in for its MOT and service and timing belt change, I also had the AirCon serviced, they said had I noticed that it wasn’t working correctly and that it was only coming out of the front (dashboard vents) I said not really as that is how I used it, I said that it had never been that great going to the windscreen vent, anyway they said that the problem was the ‘blend motor’ so they quoted foe this and changed it, then they found there was an issue with the ‘air distribution leaver/s’ they quoted for this and I had it replaced, when I went to pick up the car I tested it and air was only coming out of the windscreen vent, no matter what button I pressed, they took it back in and had a look and said that it was a clip that had come off, I tried it and it worked, when I pressed the dashboard vent button it came though those, then the foot-well button the air came though to the foot-well, I drove home with it all working.


The next day I got in the car and then I put the key in the ignition and turned it one click, I heard two clicks from the passenger foot-well, I had not heard this before, I started the car and pressed the [off] button to turn the fan on and as I had left it set to the dashboard vents I expected air to come from them, but it was coming out of the windscreen vent, I phoned the main dealer service department where I had taken the car and they said to drop it back in, they had another look and said that some plastic had got caught up (or something) I left with it all working.


I got in the car today and once again I turned the ignition key once and again there were two clicks from the passenger foot-well and the AirCon would only blow through the windscreen vent!


So I am going to have to take it back in again.


Does anyone know what this issue could be?


When I have finished with the AirCon I have always pressed the [off] button but left the foot-well, or dashboard, or windscreen button lit, then with I have started the car again I have pressed the [off] button or the recirculation button to turn it on and it has always come on through the vent it was last coming though before I turned it off.


What it sounds like to me is that when I go to turn the car on the system tries to re-set itself but cannot and something comes off or un-clips which is what the two clicking noises are, I have had a look about but cannot find anything about this.


The car has only done just over 26000 miles which is nothing, the last time I took it in I said this isn't going to be an on-going problem is it and they said no, but I am now going to worry every time I get in the car and go to start it, I have had a look in my manual and also the Haynes manual for the car and they don’t help other than how to use the AirCon or replace the parts.


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Hi Alan,

I have just discovered a similar problem with my 2010 k7 titanium.  I only get air out the windscreen vent.  The car is new to me but second hand with 68,000 miles.  I'm just starting to work the problem & wondered if you had managed to fully resolve yours & if so what was the thing that worked?


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Sounds like it could be the issue I had, mine is mk7.5 but issue could be the same?

If you pull the glove box out by squeezing in the sides until it pulls right out then look into the right hand side quite far in you will see a metal rod that runs down, thin type of rod

It's near the 2 metal tubes you can see it in the attached picture

This metal rod controls direction of the blowers

It goes into a hole further down and here it falls out, you must put the rod back in but also you must turn and clip the little plastic holder back into the rod as if you don't the rod keeps falling out and that's the problem I had

Hope this helps


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Thank for replying Liam.  I checked the rod & it is connected.  I can manually adjust the air flow direction my moving the rod so at least I now have it blowing at me, which is more useful this time of the year!  Given that the rod is ok & the control panel works (well, the lights come on when I push a direction of flow buttons) my next step will be to check the connections behind the control panel. If they're ok then I think the problem might be the motor that works the rod.  Thoughts?

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I had this exact problem, it was a simple fix ,open glovebox squeeze the two rods in to get glovebox to open right down ,then look to rhe right rigbt behind the plastic tube tgat directs the air to your feet is ,you can pull the plastic air tube off to gain access to see where the rod that connects to the flaps is still connected but where the outer rod is secured it had popped off meaning the inner and outer rod were just moving together and not changing from window to feet etc 

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Hi, also having this problem but mine seems to be a connection issue behind the rotating dial since i can see the cable that should be moving that mechanism isn’t moving. 

Any idea how to get behind those dials to check it?


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