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63 plate Mondeo drenched drivers footwell

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I've got a 63 plate Mondeo estate business edition (mk 4).

I've just noticed today that the drivers footwell is absolutely drenched.  Ive not noticed it before and wondered if anyone else has experienced this?

The windscreen was replaced by Ford about a year ago due to a faulty seal but not noticed any leaks until today even after the heaviest rain.

As we've not had much rain at all recently and had the air con cranked right up I'm thinking it could be a leak from the air con unit.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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Thanks jethro. Don't think it's the screen as it's not been wet after heavy rain. Thinking aircon or matrix now. Fingers crossed for a cheap one!

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if it was matrix then there will be a smell of antifreeze and the coolant reservoir will have dropped. have a smell and check the coolant bottle in engine bay.

my bet is air con. there is a drain that is known to come loose or fall off or block up . just remove the drivers side plastic trim by clutch pedal and inspect. 

images are of a c max but mondeo very simular

2015-07-04 11.22.32.jpg

2015-07-04 11.23.20.jpg

2015-07-04 11.23.46.jpg

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That's great thanks iantt! I haven't noticed a smell of anti freeze but haven't checked the  coolant bottle. Will try and have a look later.


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