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2009 Mondeo cambelt query

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Evening all. I recently purchased a 58 plate 09 registered 1.8 diesel Titanium estate. 117k. Absolutely cracking motor, touch wood nothing amiss. However I have a headscratcher. 

The car was purchased via my business (I'm self employed), basically as a tax write off. I'm not desperate for a vehicle, and won't be doing any major mileage. I have always looked after cars in the past, I'm quite ocd about getting stuff done that needs doing. On that note, first thing I checked was cambelt replacement mileage. Ford say 125k. This is where it got confusing/interesting. This engine apparently has 2 belts. The standard timing belt, and another internal belt which runs in an oil bath.

Ford tell me both belts should be changed at 125k. I have spoken to a few mechanics, and have received various advice. All are aware of the 2 belt system, must have said they have changed the cambelt, but have never been asked to change the wet one. In anyone's experience, does the wet one actually need changing? The following are quotes I have had.

Ford. Change timing belt £360. Change oil bath belt, approx £350. 

Independent. timing belt only £250. Can't do 2nd belt.

Friend who's a mechanic timing belt only £160.

My dilemma is the car won't get used a great deal, so I don't really want to spend a fortune on it. I would be happy to pay to get the main timing belt done, I think that's a necessary. Someone also commented today that the 2nd belt, whilst although expensive to sort if it fails, won't cause the carnage that the cambelt would if it goes as it drives the fuel pump. Any advice greatly appreciated.





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