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Mk2 focus battery light on constant

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Hi all, i recently bought a mk2 focus, i had to replace the alternator a few mo ths ago due to a dodgy charge connection inside. About a month later my battery light came on while i was stuck in traffic so i stopped the car straight away and checked the battery etc over and everything is fine and charging as it should. I have plugged in a code reader and its not showing any codes, ive checked all the fuses i can find and all are good. I dont really want to pay an auto electrician of ford garage if i can help it.

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With the Alternator been goosed it's not been fully charging your battery, so you battery will not been running fully charged all time.

just part charged since your new one it's been getting fully charged but due to previous not getting the full charge it's taken some life out the battery.

am guessing a new battery or even taking this off your car over night and putting it on a battery charger to see what it's like after that.

the only charge it's getting is the amount of time your in the car.

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