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Evening folks,

having very recently purchased a Ford Focus 61 plate titanium x diesel automatic, being new to fords I have a couple of issues hopefully I can get some advice on. 

Firstly, there seems to be a strip of lights above the main head light that seem to be on whilst the engine is on - the dial inside the car isn't on the automatic lights setting but I cannot work out how to get them off? 

Secondly, the push start button is very new to me, maybe 1 out of 3 times the car will try to start then before the engine starts cuts off.....then with the start button still engaged the engine starts about 2 seconds later? Then the next time it will start first time.........Does any one have any ideas what this could be or heard of this before? 

Appologies if these are basic questions but any info would be greatly received 




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The light strip is a daytime running light and they automatically come on with ignition I'd kill to have them they're great, just remember to turn your headlights on at night!!

Not sure about the second problem or if it's even an issue.

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you have daytime running lights they are supposed to be on so no problem there

Are you making sure that you hold the button in until the engine starts? just tapping it will only make the engine turn over

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Thanks for the replies, greatly appreciated.

i have the button fully held down yes, most of the time the engine starts - but the odd time it sounds like it's away to start then cuts off just before the engine turns over, I then keep my finger on the start button and the engine then after say a 2 second delay starts fine. 

I was thinking maybe an electrical fault, or starter motor issue? The car has only done 11k miles. 

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