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Sun strips

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Bought one off eBay for like 15! Took some patience to fit (had to cut the strip in half to go around the mirror and then match it back up in the middle!) but looked very good in the end and it's still on the car (blue one) with the new owner after a few months!


As above though, tint shops and wrap shops will do them. Getting a professional one this time around for £40, only because I want it to match my tints. Think I'd cry if all the shades of black were different [emoji23][emoji31]

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Yeah I prefer doing everythiny myself anyway tbh I have some spare tint laying around aswell have to see how it goes you done a good job there with yours  :smile: so you got no excuse to get that sterio now haha :tongue:

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Definitely more fun/interesting as long as you have a rough idea about what you're doing.

Thanks! Was quite proud of the results myself tbh [emoji3]

Haha you might be right there!

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