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Electric window won't go up all the way

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The electric window from the driver's side from my Fiesta 2009 doesn't wanna go up all the way after opening. When the window is almost closed it just stops and goes back down. If I pull the window up while closing it usually works, but it's just really annoying and would like to repair this. I tried to reset the window, but that doesn't work either. Does anyone know if I can fix this?

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It sounds like it could be the 'anti pinch' feature that is causing it. How have you tried resetting the windows, what exactly have you done? Presumably you haven't just fitted wind deflectors so make sure the channel in the door is clean, if you have a plastic trim tool then use that inside the channel to move anything trapped in there. If not then use an old credit card/library card (do they still have them, God I'm showing my age lol) instead.

To reset the window you need to put the window down and hold the button and count to 10, then put the window up and hold the button and count to 10. You must make sure that the window goes all the way up while doing the reset procedure so you may need someone to press the button and someone to help the window up. Make sure that when you are putting the window up and holding it for a count of 10 that you do not let go of the button from the time you first press it while the window is at the lowest position until you finish your 10 count.

Apologies if this is the way you have already done it, just need to check [emoji16]

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Unfortunately that's exactly how I've done it :( Tomorrow I'll try to use an old credit card to clean the inside of the door! Weirdly when I was resetting the window it did go all the way up without any help.. when it hit the top I kept holding the button for a good 10 seconds, but after I turned the car off yesterday and tried it again today it wouldn't go up anymore. So maybe it does have something to do with it? Anyway I'll give it more time tomorrow!
Thanks for the help and I'll let you know tomorrow if it worked! :)

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So today I tried it again, but without luck. I tried cleaning the inside of the door with a credit card, but nothing was stuck. I tried to reset the window and it just didn't work. I recorded the problem so it might be a bit more clear what is going on. If this doesn't give an answer to my question I'll bring it to the garage, but I've heard problems like this could go up to 300 euro (270 pounds). It feels like the electric motor has a lot of trouble with pushing the window up.. 


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