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Turbo issue, can you help diagnose?

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Anybody able to help me with my latest issue....

Ive recently developed a whirring/whining noise which is audible when accelerating, and is affected slightly regarding increasing speed, it is a little more lethargic.

Thought id open her up today to get a proper look, and was greeted by a decent amount of dirt and possibly oil.

Ive attached 3 pictures with the areas if not highlighted.

Pic 1 shows the dirt on top of the turbo and the heat shield.

Pic 2 is a side on view of the turbo and heat shield and oil pipe covered in dirt.

Pic 3 shows under the turbo the areas that appear to be suffering a leak of some kind.


Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.






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It could be a couple of thing from the pic difficult to say for sure with out seeing it live so to say.You may have turbo oil seal leaking .you may have to take the air pipes off and have a look for oil it should be relatively clean in there. If so you will need to get this fixed as the turbo spins at high speed any oil deprivation could be fatal to the turbo.It could be spraying up the head as oil is on that too .On saying that oil could be dropping or spraying from the head onto the outside of the turbo might need  a new gasket on the top or even leaking from that black cap on the right as its round that too.You could try to use something like engine gunk (cleaner) to get rid of the oil then go fo for a run and see where it is actually coming from for sure

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Also have a check for split turbo n intercooler pipes this can have build up of sprayed oil from a split pipe.


put your foot down let the turbo kick in (whilst driving) if you hear a whooshing noise it's 100% split pipe 

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