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Oil back pressure

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Hi All

I have a 2014 Focus Zetec 1.6 diesel with just under 20 .000 miles on the clock, for the past month I have been getting oil out of the oil fill cap or the oil dip stick.

A visit to our local Ford garage said they have had issues with the oil filler cap possibly due to back pressure so I bought a new one.

However this has not cured the problem and oil is still splashing out over the engine and it is definitely coming out of either the filler cap or dip stick, note the dip stick

comes out a little even after I have ensured it is pushed in hard.

Any suggestions to whats causing the problem or better a  cure

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4 hours ago, Gizza11 said:

Check that your crankcase breather pipes and system are not bunged up If not but not sure myself but may be piston blow by( worn piston rings) but at 20000 miles unlikely

Thanks Gizza. what I can not understand is the car works fine, I am no mechanic but would have thought if a piston problem I would loose some performance, however could be a blocked something causing back pressure

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